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Facilities: The Hospital provides Ayurvedic treatment for all kinds of Acute & Chronic Diseases. Well developed Panchakarma unit provides authentic Panchakarma procedures, performed by trained Therapists. Kriyakalpa procedures for treatment of various types of eye diseases are performed by experts. Our well developed pathology laboratory provides facilities of blood tests, urine tests & stool examination for precise diagnosis of the patients. We also provide other facilities like X-ray, ECG, etc. Quality ayurvedic medicines are prepared in the college pharmacy using original herbs, for patients. The hospital has 60 bed IPD unit, with separate male female units, as well as, a pediatric unit for children. Surgical procedures are conducted in well equipped OT, managed under Shalyatantra department. The swasthavritta department provides Diet consultancy & Yoga advice for patients as well as healthy people, according to their health status. Apart from this, there are visiting doctors of specialized branches of medicine, like medicine, dentistry, etc.