Here are the List of various Facilities available in our College………..

Food- The college has a good mess and canteen for students.

Library- The college has a unique collection of more than 5013 Ayurvedic Books including Modern Books.

Other Facility- The college has two Buses on contact basis to carry out the students and other Medical and Paramedical staff. The college Management will provide guest lecture in Physiology and Anatomy subjects by Modern Medical Specialists. The college has five Lecture theatres with Audio Visual Aids. The college has well equipped Panchkarma therapy unit having male and female expert doctors.

College Laboratories- The college has well equipped   Anatomy and Physiology Labs, dissection hall Dravyaguna, Agadtantra and Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpna.

College Pharmacy- The college has  well equipped Pharmacy which made at least 33 Medicine to fulfill the requirement of the college hospital.

Herbal Garden- The college has wide herbal garden of one acre land having 202 Medicinal plants species.

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